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Prairie Pioneer Quilters
Grand Island, Nebraska
From our President:

Anna Wood, President

Prairie Pioneer Quilt Guild
November 10, 2022 Minutes

Our meeting opened with the Farm Girls Vintage Quilt Group that consists of members from our guild.

Natalie Meyer thanked our members for the help and cooperation of our guild for her and Sandi Griepenstrohs year as program coordinators.

Debbie Krugman made a motion to accept the October secretary minutes. Seconded by Donna Persson.  

Debbie Krugman made a motion to accept the October treasurer’s report. Seconded by Shirley Wahlgren.

A sympathy card was sent to member Linda Ebel on the death of her husband. A card was also available for members to sign tonight and will be mailed to her as well.

Tina Johnson thanked the members for taking part in her yearlong challenge of making charity quilts. The Community Projects committee reported that they have had approximately 50 quilts donated this year and possibly another 15 – 20 are still in the works.

The Executive Committee would like to have the 2023 dues paid tonight. They are $30. After January 1 there will be a $10 late fee and your name will not be included in the yearbook.

The 2023 budget was presented at the October meeting and voted on tonight. Julie Lechner made a motion to accept the 2023 budget and Amanda Blackburn seconded the motion.

The 2023 slate of officers was voted on. Motion made to accept was made by Donnise Larson. Seconded by Georgetta Platt. Officers for 2023 are: President: Anna Wood, Vice President: Debbie Krugman, Secretary: Vicki Bartels, Treasurer: Vanessa Green.

The Presidents quilt was presented to Tina Johnson by Anna Wood and Vicki Bartels.

Plants were given to the current board members by Tina Johnson as a thank you for serving in 2022.

Tina Johnson read her outgoing letter to the guild since there was no newsletter mailed out this month.  

The meeting was then turned over to the 2023 President Anna Wood.

We will send memorial gifts to Stuhr Museum for our 2022 members who have died this year: 
Mahria DePaelo, Helen Cass and Judy Hostetler.

The Christmas Exchange was held. Members wishing to participate in the exchange were asked to bring a seasonal door hanger.

Raffle winners were: Georgetta Platt, Judy Williams (2), Barb Hovie and Anna Wood.

Show and Tell was presented and enjoyed by all.

Submitted by Vicki Bartels