The Prairie Pioneer Quilters were organized in August of 1986 to encourage an appreciation 
of the art of quilting by providing educational meetings, travel, fellowship and the promotion
 of a variety of quilting activities.  

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month, March through November. 

St. Leo's Catholic Church
2410 South Blaine Street
Grand Island, NE
Prairie Pioneer Quilters
Grand Island, Nebraska
2023 Officers and Committee Chairs

   President: Sandi Griepenstroh
   Vice President: 
   Secretary:  Amanda Blackburn
   Treasurer: Vanessa Green
   Treasurer's Assistant:  Julie Lechner
   Parlamentarian: Missy Lemons
   Membership:  Pat Johnson, Janet Kosmicki
   Librarian:  Tina Johnson 
   Historian:  Beth Engler
   Programs:  Janice Stuhmer
   Publicity:   Lynette Koelzer
   Newsletter:  Tina Johnson
   Community Projects: Susie Powell, Julie Lechner
​   Website:  Vicki Bartels
   Facebook:  Sandi Griepenstroh
   Art in the Park: 
Next Meeting:

Thursday, March 14, 2024

2024 Calendar of Events

April 19 - 21, 2024    2024 Member Retreat at Leadership Center, Aurora.  Hours will be                                       from 9:00 Friday through 4:00 Sunday.  More details to follow.

PPQG Reminder

Just a reminder, we have a large room that our speakers present their programs in making it difficult to always hear everything well.  So we are reminding everyone to eliminate side conversations and minimally interrupt the speaker/presenter during presentations.  We should save questions for the end.  Your assistance is much appreciated.  
Thanks  Missy.  

March Courtesy Committee

Steering Committee Meetings: